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Near Attractions

Malliyoor Temple -1 KM

The MalliyoorSreeMahaGanapathy Temple in Kottayam district, Kerala is the sacred abode of the all – encompassing divine presence of Lord Ganesha and also a coveted destination of lakhs of pilgrims from all over India. The endearing elephant – headed Lord Ganesha, the son of Siva and Parvathy, enjoys prime place among all the gods in the Hindu pantheon.

He is Parabrahma incarnate, the God of Wisdom and Learning, the Remover of all Obstacles and is worshipped first, any other god. The MalliyoorSreeMahaGanapathy Temple is in comparable in the conception of the presiding deity as VaishnavaGanapathy, with a young Sree Krishna seated on the lap of Lord Ganesha. This unique and powerful infusion of the Vaishnava spirit in the Ganesha idol is the supreme achievement of the devoted penance of the much-revered main priest of the temple, Brahmasree Bhagavathahamsam Malliyoor Sankaran Nampoothiri. Today thousand of devotees flock to the feet of VasihnavaGanapthy at Malliyoor seeking eternal salvation form the bonds of Karama and solace from the evils of Kaliyuga.


Adithyapuram Surya Temple is a Hindu temple located in Iravimangalam near Kaduthuruthy in Kottayam district in the Indian state of Kerala. It is noted mainly as the only 'Adithya' shrine in the state. The temple is situated just 3km from the homestay.Hindu place of worship dedicated to the sun deity, the only such temple in Kerala.

Kuravilangad Church - 5 KM

The land of Kuravilangad is blessed by the esteemed presence of Major Archiepiscopal Marth Mariam Archdeacon Pilgrim Church which was built in 105 A.D. It is believed, in 1st century first apparition of Mother Mary in the world, was in Kuravilangad. Our Lady appeared to a few children at Kuravilangad, who were tending their flock in the bushes. Our Lady asked them to build a church at the place from where a miraculous perpetual spring sprouted, a spring which exists even today. The children reported the events to the elders and a church was built there.

Nalambalam - 10 to12 KM

The NalambalaDarshanam during the month of Karkkidakam is a worth notable pilgrimage. The Hindu religion focuses on the healthy and lovable relations among the kith and kin of one's own families. If the bondings connecting the members are brittle, the family can't stand rigid for a long time. Ramayana tells us the righteous and reputable relations among the four brothers Sree Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shatrughna. The down to earth character of Lord Rama to leave the kingdom to his brother Bharatha, the dedicated effort of Lekshmana to follow the foot prints of Rama to forests, the unparalleled love and respect of Bharatha and Shatrughana to Rama is depicted in Ramayana.

Mannanam church - 11 KM

St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara Pilgrim Centre, Mannanam to receive the blessings of Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara and to watch different ancient monuments of Saint Chavara

Bharanangnam churches - 22 KM

The main structure of the church, which began to be known as St.Alphonsa Shrine Church following the canonization of Sr. Alphonsa on 12th October 2008 had been built in the year 1945 as a cemetery chapel of St. Mary's Church Bharananganam. Sr.Alphonsa is the first nun ever to have been buried there. Her tomb now stands at the very place where her mortal remains were buried on 29 July 1946.

During the period 1963-64, a side wing with family tombs was added. With the completion of new tombs in the parish graveyard in 1985, burial in the cemetery chapel was discontinued and the mortal remains of the dead interred therein except those of St.Alphonsa were exhumed and inhumed in the newly built vaults/chambers.

Arthunkal basilica - 28 KM

St. Andrew's Church, Arthunkal is one of the famous pilgrim centres in South India. Though the Church is named after St. Andrew the Apostle, it is the feast of St. Sebastian that has brought fame to Arthunkal.

VaikomMahadeva Temple - 18 KM

The VaikomMahadeva Temple is a temple for the Hindu god Shiva in Vaikom, Kerala. The temple, along with Ettumanoor Siva Temple, KaduthuruthyThaliyilMahadeva Temple is considered a powerful trisome. The belief is that if a devotee worships at these three temples before 'Uchapooja', all the wishes are fulfilled.

Kumarakom –Backwaters- house boat journey – away 22 KM from our Homestay

Kumarakom,situated 13 Kms away from Kottayam is a sleepy little village on VembanadLake in Kerala. It offers wide variety of flora, exotic sightseeing, boating and fishing experience. The bird sanctuary spread across 14 acres is safe home for many migratory birds like Siberian stork, wild duck etc. They live with other birds in flocks such as darters, herons, egret, waterfowls and cuckoos are fascinating sight for the visitors.

Kumarakom is a tourist paradise with many a sight to see.Kumarakom is a veritable cornucopia of travel pleasures that will mesmerize your senses. It is truly a paradise on earth. It is one of the foremost travel destinations on the planet and a crown jewel of Kerala tourism. The legendary backwaters of Kumarakom have brought visitors from far and wide to its shores. The dancing palm trees and the exquisite houseboats are just an added advantage or flourishes to your vacation. y

Vagamon hills - 35 KM

Vagamon is a hill station located in Kottayam- Idukki border of Kerala. It has a cool climate with the temperature between 10-23°C during a summer midday. It is situated 1,100 metres above sea level.

Vagamon is a tiny plantation township in Central Travancore,Vagamon has an overtone of green. With a never-ending line of lush green hills, breathtaking ravines and meandering rivulets. A perfect tourist place situated 1200 meters above the sea level spot surrounded by the greenery of tea gardens , Fresh cool air, murmuring Pine forest ,small waterfalls , attractive meadows inviting you to vagamon.ReachingVagamon itself is an extraordinary experience. The meandering road to Vagamon is cut in solid rock lined with pine forests. And as you wind your way through green capped hills, the rolling plains come into view thousands of feet below you.

This tourist place also has to offer Thangal Para, the Indo-Swiss Project and Kurisumala Ashram. Welcome to a land which would make you come back again and again. So that you could rejuvenate yourself and cherish memories of this enchantingly beautiful land.Vagamon hill station is comprised of a beautiful series of hillocks, valleys and cascading waterfalls that make it the ideal getaway for tourists. Take a walk along the narrow, mist covered zigzag roads that wind up the hills and experience true bliss. For adventure seekers, there is an option of trekking, para gliding or rock climbing.

Munnar - 130 KM

- breathtakingly beautiful - a haven of peace and tranquility - the idyllic tourist destination in God's own country. Set at an altitude of 6000 ft in Idukki district, Munnar was the favored summer resort of the erstwhile British rulers in the colonial days. Unending expanse of tea plantations - pristine valleys and mountains- exotic species of flora and fauna in its wild sanctuaries and forests - aroma of spice scented cool air - yes! Munnar has all these and more your caretaker will arrange all such local trips . vehicle on home site is available-picking and dropping

Enjoy by being close to the homestead farm .The staff in the 'homestay' and are delighted to show you around the -- working farm, where , a variety of crops coconut, intercrops, spices , nutmeg fruit trees thrive alongside with bean, pepper and several varieties of delicious banana, all raised for your needs . They'll also cook for you, to serve you with in the huge home-cooked feast or you will learn to cook each meal featuring much of what you'll see growing in the gardens.


Alappuzha, also known by its former name Alleppey, is the administrative headquarters of Alappuzha District in the Indian State of Kerala. Alappuzha is a city and a municipality in Kerala with an urban population of 174,164 and third among the districts having highest literacy rate in Kerala. In 2016, Centre for Science and Environment rated Alappuzha as the top cleanest town in India followed by Mysuru & Panaji Alappuzha is considered to be the oldest planned city in this region and the lighthouse built on the coast of the city is the first of its kind along the Laccadive Sea coast (reference encyclopaedia of Kerala in Malayalam language).


Kochi, also known as Cochin , is a major port city on the south-west coast of India bordering the Laccadive Sea. It is part of the district of Ernakulam in the state of Kerala and is often referred to as Ernakulam. As of 2011, the city has a corporation limit population of 677,381 within an area of 94.88 km and a total urban population of more than of 2.1 million within an area of 440 km, making it the largest and the most populous metropolitan area in Kerala. Kochi city is also part of the Greater Cochin region and is classified as a Tier-II city by the Government of India. The civic body that governs the city is the Kochi Municipal Corporation, which was constituted in the year 1967, and the statutory bodies that oversee its development are the Greater Cochin Development Authority[10] (GCDA) and the Goshree Islands Development Authority (GIDA).